Devin Brugman

Devin Brugman

Chow of the Month

Interview by: Kenny Han

Photographer: Kinley Winnaman

Devin Brugman

To many of you the term Chow might be a whole new concept to life. To us at LC and the community we've built along the way, it is a common yet still ambiguous under- standing we have come to terms with to depict the women

who we hold at the highest of stan- dards. Women who are as beautiful as they are intelligent, inspiring as they are creative. Wel- come to our world of Chows.

Our first official Chow of the Month, Devin Brugman, was born in Oakland, CA and raised in Maui. She moved out to LA, straight out of high school and currently calls the Santa Monica (West LA) her home. Outside of the incredible structure handed to her from God, she holds the finite attitude and creative know how that anybody would want to fuck with. Last week, we at Los Chronicles sat down with Devin and had a dope shoot playing off her relaxed, simplistic and vintage driven style. Some how we got a little Q & A sesh a midst the magic on the boat.. Here's what were able to pull out of this American blessing:

How do you like to show your patrio- tism?

Well, if waving that American flag in the middle of the Pacific freezing my tits off on that boat wasn't patriotic, then I don't know what is!

Very true. haha. Did you know the declaration of independence was written on hemp paper? (Next level shit. I know.)

You would know that lol.

Again, Very true. Enough about American shit. What is it like living on your own in a city like LA since you were 18?

Well, I moved out to LA when I was 17 and it was probably the best decision I've ever made for myself. I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. All I knew was that I hated high school and that there was no way in hell I was about to attend a big univer- sity with frat boys and shit.

So, I graduated high school early and moved out to LA. I partied for a year straight which was good cause I got


Devin Brugman it out of my system. Now i'm only 20 and I think i have a pretty good grasp on life. (key word "think") It's been crazy fun, a serious whirlwind of
madness, but I wouldn't change a thing about how I did it all even if i could.

Maui or LA, which do you fuck with on a higher level?

Maui hands down. But, LA is where I need to be right now. There's a vibe about LA that I love. The people are open minded and optimistic and the energy in this city is seriously contagious.

For all the Stalkers on LC, where are the dope spots on the Westside that they could probably find you on a Friday or Saturday night? (I'm the biggest stalker on here)

Haha. Well, you can find me at FAN- TASY ISLAND STRIP CLUB on Pico Blvd. Kidding, umm my favorite bar in SM is defi- nitely Reenes on Wilshire. Dark lighting, good music, & strong drinks ;) I go out in Venice a lot and on Main St. in Santa Monica too. Nikkis, The Basement Tavern, & Town- house are a few of my usual

spots lol. Hon- estly though, most of the time you can find me sitting my ass on my couching drinking a stella & blogging.

You're currently juggling school, work and having a real life in one of the most hectic environments on the planet. How do you handle, and what tips do you give others doing the same thing?

Sometimes it's hard to handle but as parental as this will sound, it's important to prioritize! There's shit going on every single night in LA, and if you get caught up in it, the city will eat you alive. I've had my moments but for the most part I try to stay positive, enjoy each day, and stick with the few people I trust out here.


How does it feel to be LosChronicles first official "Chow of the Month". Outside of the obvious most fucking amazing, next level, inspiring moment of your life answer.

Haha, well yeah besides all that.

Ummm it's rad as shit. May possibly be the coolest thing I've done yet. I am stoked to be supporting LosChronicles and of course honored to be called a Chow. You guys are too sweet.

What female on this vast planet do you consider a definite Chow?

I've had a serious girl crush on Mila Kunis long before the whole Black Swan craze. She's beautiful. Megan fox is an obvi- ous babe too. I'd be down haha.

The weather looked a like it may have gotten a little... Nippy, on the shoot. How was that experience? Boat rides and shit, we got extravagant for you.

Yes it was nippy out there in the open ocean. The Doc Martens didn't keep me warm! But the boat was absolutely amazing. It was so much fun and was the most beautiful day. The team you guys have got going at LC is dope, they made me feel so


What do you think is sexier on a woman brains or body? What do you think is more vital to survival?

Brains. Intelligence is sexy. It's strange to me when women intentionally dumb themselves down. Beauty is power but it doesn't last forever. Having a good head on your shoulders will get you places. Intelli- gence, wit, and the ability to think critically would impress me much more than a pretty girl with nothing to say.

The big thing with our generation is everyone is trying to grow up to the fast. Do you ever feel like time is ticking on you, espe- cially being out in a city like LA where every- thing so fast passed? Especially compared to Maui where people seem so much into the here and now, rather worrying about tomorrow.

Moving out here alone forced me to grow up quickly. I'm not trying to say


I'm the most mature and independent person because i'm not lol. I'm still a kid! But there is nothing innocent about Los Angeles so the pressure to grow up is on more than ever here. I always feel like time is ticking on me but then I have to stop myself and realize that I'm only 20 years old. In Hawaii, no one really worries about anything. Age is just a number and the generations have just all mixed together. It's screwed up but stress free. When I go home i'm never pressured about future plans or expectations but when i'm in LA that's what it's all about.

Hopefully we didn't scare you away and you'll be down to do a another shoot with us soon. Fasho.

Not at all. I love what you guys are doing here and I'm stoked to be a part of it. Would shoot again with you guys any day!

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